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VSS08 SERBIA Draca, Kragujevac CULT,MANU 23/07/2018 05/08/2018

UNITED IN DIVERSITY #2, Draca | VSS08 | 2018-07-23 - 2018-08-05 | CULT,MANU | Age: 15 - 17


This workcamp is organized by the NGO “Interaktiv” from Kragujevac, the regional contact point for the promotion and organization of workcamps of Young Researchers of Serbia. The Association “Interaktiv” organizes workcamps since 2013. So far, eight camps were organized, with the participation of more than 70 foreign and 40 local volunteers. The association is engaged in the development of youth activism and volunteering in its region.

Work: The aim of the project is to promote unity of youth in spite of their cultural differences and different backgrounds. In todays world a big problem is losing a national identity because people are forgetting old traditions, national costumes, songs, dances, languages...We believe that the world would be a much more interesting and richer place if we learn how to cherish these differences and learn about them. That is why we want to enable these young people to learn about different cultures and preserve this priceless knowledge. Camp will promote richness of diversity in culture and tradition between participants of the camp. Through the workshops, volunteers will learn about the importance of preserving of culture and tradition and exchange information about different life styles in the world, national songs and dances, habits, costumes and symbols. Beside this, it will be presented Serbian national heritage and costumes of people from the countryside in which volunteer can participate. Workshops will include activities of promoting tolerance of national differences as something that unites people, breaking prejudices about different nations. In the second part of the camp, volunteers will prepare part of the programme for traditional manifestation in Draca with local young people, and present it on the stage for people from village. It will be some Serbian costumes and dances. Beside this, manifestation will promote richness of diversity in national symbols. Volunteers will prepare and present their countries as a part of manifestation. Part of manifestation will be national dances and songs of professional ethnographic groups from Kragujevac too. Camp is a mix of workshops and manual work. During the morning, it will be activities of painting the stage and benches, as well as arrange the courtyard of the museum by collecting grass and dressed leaves. In the afternoon it will be organized workshops.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will be accommodated in rented house in Draca with kitchen and toilets. Volunteers will sleep on mattresses, so please bring your sleeping bag. Food will be prepared by hosts, with support of volunteers.

Location: Draca, Kragujevac

Location and Leisure: Camp will be organized in Draca, village 8 km far from Kragujevac, in central Serbia. Village Draca is geographical center of Serbia, there is Ethnographic museum and orthodox monastery from 17th century. In the village live about 800 residents. All programs will be organized in household in Draca, planned to be first Ecovillage in central Serbia. First programs of Ecovillage will be implemented in 2018. It is near to the regional road, there is one shop and bus station near the place. Kragujevac is city in central Serbia. During 19th century it was capital of Serbia, and old military industrial center. Today, there is car industrial centar of Serbia. There is about 200.000 residents. During the camp it will be organized an excursion and city tours.

Train/Bus station: Kragujevac


Language: eng

Extra Fee: 120 EUR

Participation fee: 120 EUR used for obtaining qualified coordinators for teen groups.